Monitor & Control
Off-Grid Power Systems

Infinite Fingers provides Off-Grid Power System operators & integrators the technology to keep their units up & running during their entire lifespan by offering a platform where they can integrate any technology or manufacturer to their system.

Our solution allows a central controller interconnectivity to all components of the system.
All the collected data is then stored on an online server for analysis, visualisation and reporting.

By gathering this data onto a single platform, we provide a detailed report of the whole system, as well as remote management and configuration.

Freedom to select any manufacturer to integrate in your hybrid power system. Full compatibility with any technology. Gather data and control all components of your installation.

Remote Control

Web portal for remote operation and maintenance. Upgrade the system and diagnose problems remotely. Create your corporate identity by customizing the portal.

Fleet Management

Reduce operation and maintenance costs and its complexity. Increase system life-span and avoid unnecessary site visits for repairs or upgrade.

Current solutions for monitoring and control

The off-grid industry is engaged to solve various problems ranging from the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy to ensuring a reliable power supply of electricity to remote locations. To accomplish these goals, millions of Off-Grid power systems are being deployed in the next decades, and these systems are a complex mix of different technologies. If not properly maintained, they tend to fail.

Proper operation and maintenance tools are crucial to avoid these failures, yet the current solutions for monitor and control of renewable energy off-grid installations are insufficient. They are either prohibitively expensive (e.g. via customised PLC based solutions) or only suitable for a small number of manufacturer-specific systems (eg. inverter manufacturer monitoring solutions).

These manufacturer specific solutions also only allow for the monitoring of a limited type of system components and are not expandable to include further integrations with other brands or technologies (e.g. water flow meters) that may also be installed in the same system and promote vendor lock-in.

Our Solution

Data Collector

Cloud Server

Web Dashboard

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  • Flexible, manufacturer independent data collection technology
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Operation & maintenace cost reduction
  • Corporate identity in a centralized web portal
  • Increase system lifespan
  • Integration of third party systems

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