The Team

Team Member

Patrick Cousins


I completed my first complex off-grid project in 1997. This experience and understanding of the inter-dependance of all components drives me towards finding ways to address the core issue: Producing reliable systems which can be remotely monitored and remain operational over long periods.

Team Member

Joan Tarragó


I always wanted to create environmental and social impact through renewable energies, and especially, through off-grid systems. With my experience in this field I'd like to contribute to sustainable development and growth in both the first and third world.

Team Member

Roy Martin Emmerich


Since 2009 I have been working on renewable energy related projects that involve data acquisition in some form or another. Using analytical methods I aim to make off-grid systems more reliable.

The Company

Renewable Energy

Promoting the large scale uptake of renewable energy powered off-grid systems.

Longterm Reliability

Keeping your off-grid systems running optimally for the entire project lifespan.

Unified Data

Aggregating all your data sources in one format, in one place.

Smart Off-Grid

Utilising data to make your off-grid systems smart.


Connect up all your data data sources and control requirements, regardless of the manufacturer.

Return On Investment

A solid track record grows business.